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What Zorb Do I Need? (Chapter 2)

Dec, 25, 2021

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All Kameymall commercial and deluxe grade Zorb balls, Bumper Balls, Water Balls, Water Walkers, Body Zorbs are produced from 100% genuine TPU material. This is guaranteed and backed by our warranty promise.



(1.2mm equivalent) 0.7mm thick thermal polyurethane (TPU)-our best-selling product. -Suitable for light/medium commercial use. This grade should not swell beyond 0.5 BAR and usually has a user weight limit of 16 stone, depending on the product. This will be our readjustment because it is a more durable product that can be used on grass, sand, or concrete surfaces. When using on hard surfaces, we still recommend taking safety measures such as foam floors to avoid and minimize the risk of injury or damage.

big human ball

So what's the best zorb for me?
There are 3 'Main' types of Zorb balls. The Tradtional Zorb, The Hamster Zorb and the Aqua Zorb. All are very similar in construction but differ in function. There are 3 standard sizes for zorb balls, which are 2.1m / 2.5m and 3m (diameter).


Traditional zorb balls
The main use island and downhill use, usually with 1-2 safety belts and 1-2 entrances. The size starts from 2.1 meters. Cannot be used on water.


Hamster zorb balls
The main use is on flat or slightly inclined land. These are equipped with 1-2 entrances and no internal safety belts. The size starts from 2.1 meters.


Aqua zorb balls
Mainly used for flat, slightly sloping land. This style of Zorb is very similar to other designs, but this model has only one entrance, no seat belt, and a bungee jump at the entrance, providing a unique experience. You can partially fill Zorb with water. Operators often use this model of zorb on the water! The size starts from 2.1 meters.


In short, if you intend to operate "downhill", you need a traditional zorb ball. If you want to operate on "flat ground", you need a hamster zorb ball. Finally, if you want to use water in your operation, then you need an Aqua zorb ball. If your intended purpose is for commercial use, you need at least a commercial-grade product. The standard is enough, but you have more restrictions and are more difficult to control.

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