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What Zorb Do I Need? (Chapter 1)

Dec, 25, 2021

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Okay, so you have decided to buy a Zorb ball. However, before you go to one head to place an order, either with us or through another source, you need to consider a few things, namely quality, and reputation. Kameymall offers a variety of Zorbz for you to consider, from budget to the best the industry can provide. All of our Zorbs are built and produced to the highest standards controlled by industry leaders.


What company we are

All of our commercial and luxury products are heat-sealed and resin-based adhesion to ensure the strongest adhesion. Kameymall prides itself on surpassing industry standards in all sectors, which is evident in our products. Some companies supply inferior Zorb balls at a higher base rate, giving Zorbz a bad reputation. We are not one of these companies, we are keen to restore Zorbing's reputation, even including the inflatable product market. Therefore, we will cover all related Zorbing issues throughout the website. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

The materials used in the production of our zorb ball, water ball, and body zorb meet the highest standards in the industry, some instructions are outlined below.

inflatable zorb balls

0.7mm thick polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-the industry standard. Very suitable for entry-level users, suitable for light private use. It should not be inflated to more than 0.3 BAR, the general weight limit is 11 stone, depending on the product. These cannot be used for concrete or strong rigid supports.


1mm thick polyvinyl chloride composite material (PVC)-our standard. Suitable for light/medium/private/commercial use. This grade should not swell beyond 0.4 BAR and usually has a user weight limit of 13 stone, depending on the product. This grade should not be used on surfaces other than grass where there is no auxiliary function to avoid puncture or friction burns.

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