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Home news Product A Bubble Ball Game Sharks And Minnows (Part 4)
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A Bubble Ball Game Sharks And Minnows (Part 4)

Jun, 09, 2022

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In the previous article we have already described some of the advantages of the game Shark and Fish, such as its relatively simple rules, which makes it easy for everyone involved to pick up the game quickly and facilitates a smooth flow of play. Especially at family gatherings, the simplicity of the rules makes it easier for older parents to learn the game and enjoy the fun of a fresh game with us. In addition, there is no limit to the number of people who can play the game, which makes it suitable for any number of occasions, such as family reunions, class reunions, birthday parties and company reunions.

The best thing about this game should be that the players experience the full freshness of the game. Have you ever put on a human hamster ball? Probably not, right? This bubble ball makes it easier to collide with each other, experience the feeling of hitting each other and keep us safe during the game. So, today we're going to talk about choosing the right venue and some of the things to look out for before you play the game.

zorb ball
Choosing the right venue

The game does not require a high level of playground, as long as there are no obstacles or sharp objects on the ground. You can choose to play on a flat grassy area, or in the yard of your home, for example. You can even play in a park - after all, the grass in a park is just very pleasant.
Also, we should be aware that if we choose an outdoor area, we must avoid playing outside on some too hot or too cold days. Also, the zorb ball is not suitable in bad weather, such as on days of high winds or heavy rain.

Protecting the bubble zorb ball

As we mentioned earlier, you should choose a reliable venue as the zorb ball can be easily pierced by sharp objects on the ground. When you're playing shark and minnow, it's inevitable that you'll get knocked over by someone else - after all, you can't win every hand, can you? If the bubble ball breaks on you the moment you fall, just imagine the consequences.
It is also important to avoid not taking out your mobile phone, watch, keys, jewellery, etc. before putting on the zorb ball as this can also lead to the zorb ball being broken.


If you want to buy the zorb ball to experience the game, why not visit Kameymall?

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