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Playing Zorb Ball Is So Funny

Jun, 09, 2022

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Whether you're walking on water, or walking downhill, it's hard not to have a ton of fun while you are zorbing. A zorb ball is a large inflatable, flexible plastic ball where you can enter and have fun. It's a giant inflatable hamster ball that you can use on grass, ice, snow and water. Imaginative "zorbers" create all kinds of fun games to play the zorb ball such as zorb ball football, water zorbing and other land games. People are using zorb balls in very creative ways and we are only beginning to see the full potential of their fun activities.

There have been many popular Internet videos and TV shows about the zorbing. They began to become a popular culture. The more people who are exposed to them through social media and elsewhere, the more popular they become.

The fun of zorb ball

It wasn't long after the zorb came along that people started coming up with innovative ways to have fun. Zorb parks have sprung up around the world in recent years, often hosting a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for the whole family. Zorb ball is one of the most popular inflatable ball games. You'll be surprised how much fun downhill skiing can be. Most international professional parks and "gravity parks" have some form of downhill experience. If you don't have a gravity park nearby, you can go downhill on a grassy hill with a gentle slope. Most of the hills should be safe.

Zorb ball wrestling
Another popular game is zorb ball wrestling, where two people bump into each other, sometimes on the track, and try to hit each other out of certain areas. It's a bit like sumo wrestling, except it's done in a human hamster ball.

Zorb football
Zorb football is not only a fun game, but also a kind of sport. Zorb football involves players running and rolling in inflated balls, sometimes with their feet inside or outside the ball, and moving the ball around the field. China even hosted a "zorb football world cup" in 2018.zorb ball

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