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Have Fun In Bubble Soccer

May, 05, 2022

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If you follow our articles regularly, you will be familiar with the zorb ball, but what you know is probably the traditional way of playing it, which is to roll down the slope with the zorb ball. Today, I would like to introduce you to a new zorb ball game, which is a team game.

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Rules of the game

Before we start the game, we need to get into groups. This is a team game and a group can consist of 3 to 5 people. Each participant has to put on a near human-sized bubble ball, also known as the zorb ball, and then start playing football.

Apart from the number of players, the biggest difference between bubble football and traditional football is that there are no faults, yellow cards or penalties in this game! So do whatever you can within your power to score and stop the opposing team from scoring, such as tackling, body slams etc.

It's very much a game of games

Firstly, being a new game, it gives you a different kind of football experience. You may have played football, but you've never experienced what it's like to grab the ball with your hands and to hit someone, as this is a foul in traditional football. Don't think that because you can use your hands to grab the ball and hit others that you can win more easily. It doesn't. Don't forget you're playing in the zorb ball, so any hit on each other could send you tumbling to the ground or even make it a bit difficult to get up. It must be a different experience.

Secondly, the game gives you some satisfaction, because hitting each other or fighting over things is actually one of the animal instincts that modern society has suppressed. However, in this game, with the zorb ball to keep you safe, you can do both without fear.

What to prepare

Bubble football is really perfect as a little game at parties. Mother's Day is fast approaching. If you are planning a party for your mother, then this is a game to consider. You can buy the zorb ball at Kameymall, a reliable supplier of the zorb ball, which is of high quality and very durable, so you can buy with confidence.

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