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Have A Try With The Teaching Plan About Zorb Ball

Apr, 22, 2022

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In a previous period, perhaps students were not familiar with boccia. Even now, they are still afraid to play with it. The aim of this lesson plan is therefore to introduce pupils to snowballs and to find enjoyment in playing with them. But how should they play? In this activity, students can explore different ways of playing and use the snowball for a comprehensive exercise.

In addition, they can learn about the importance of cooperative play. This physical zorb ball activity combines exploration, cooperation and fun, allowing students to develop a sense of bravery and focus.

The teaching result we hope to reach

  1. 1. To Develop students' strength of arms and legs, promoting their independent spirits in sportswhen they are face in difficulties, promoting to be brave.
  2. 2. Students will try multiple ways to play with one kind of equipment.
  3. 3. To cultivate the special sense of cooperation for students and to train their ability to play cooperatively in pairs.

zorb ball

The activity content about zorb ball

Rolling game: This game is to exercise students' whole arms and legs , promoting the independence of students in sports, and to enhance their brave quality.

Game steps:

(1) Students learn safety norms about action  that are explored.

(2) One child enter the zorb ball to experience rolling fun.

(3) The teacher respectively to guide and help for every student.

(4) Rolling race.



Actually, you will find the whole potential of interesting activities. There are various ways for fun games to use the zorb ball.

After sharing this zorb ball teaching plan, one thing should be emphasized that the safety and quality of the zorb ball is extremely crucial when your students are using it.

So teachers should ensure safety, so what about learning more from Kameymall and buy some zorb balls from here for your excellent classes? Come on, go ahead!


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