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Simple And Interesting Activity With Zorb Ball

Apr, 22, 2022

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Zorbing has been around since the mid 1990s when David and Andrew Akers came up with the idea in Rotorua, New Zealand. Since then, they have expanded globally, opening branches in seven countries, including the USA.

Of course, they have generated a lot of competition, including globe-riding, sphering, orbing, and the more generic Kameymall.

The experience of riding down a mountain is exhilarating and unique

As the ball is usually transparent, the rider can see the earth below through it during the entire ride. Given the apparent movement of the ball during the descent, the sensation of being inside is said to be almost indescribable, but similar to weightlessness. As if the outer space sensation at the edges wasn't enough, it is also popular to add some water to the inside of the ball. This water adds to the uniqueness of the sensation by rolling and moving with the rider inside the ball.

zorb ball

So where did the idea for such an eccentric sport first come from? It seems that the first indicators of this as a future sport began with the invention of the hamster ball decades ago. This invention was apparently intended to allow hamsters to exercise safely in the home.


However, man, with his infinite creativity, decided that this invention would be used by those humans who wanted to take downhill racing to the next level.Zorbing has now touched at least four continents and is considered to be a favourite pastime for millions of people. If you haven't tried it yet, you should!


Despite it being one of the strangest extreme sports, zorbing is actually very simple. Climb into a large inflatable ball and roll down a hill. If this sounds weird, you're right. If it sounds fun, you're definitely right.


The plastic zorb ball is double-layered, so the rider (sometimes wearing a harness, sometimes not) bounces around in it, getting the thrill of speed but avoiding the full impact of repeatedly hitting the ground.

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