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Do You Know Mechanics Also Wear Safety Shoes?

Apr, 16, 2022

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Machining industry generally wear "anti hit" "anti puncture" safety shoes. According to the different workshop work situation, processing parts type to distinguish. Under normal circumstances, "anti hit" "anti puncture" safety shoes.

Why wear a certain type of safety shoe?

It is mainly used to prevent heavy objects from hurting toes and piercing the upper and sole of the shoe with sharp parts. Such safety shoes for women generally have steel plates at the toe and sole of the foot, which can protect toes and soles very well. And now labor protection shoes are also more and more diverse, is not drab black, some have been done and sports shoes style is about the same, safe and secure fashion. If the processed parts are similar to steel needles, thin and sharp rods and other parts, you need to protect the sole of the foot and ankle as a whole, then we can choose high top safety shoes, this kind of labor protection shoes on both sides of the shoes can also have a protective effect on the feet. In addition, for the north of the machinery processing industry, winter can consider the Riga velvet labor shoes, safety protection is also warm.

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What else should I pay attention to?

In addition, in the selection of protection, because the workshop processing hydraulic oil, coolant and other liquids will inevitably splash out, so according to the workshop environment we should also consider: anti-skid, oil resistance and other problems. Mechanical processing industry to wear what kind of labor protection shoes here, code word is not easy, give a thumbs-up! In addition to mechanical processing industry, chemical industry, electrical industry, etc., we also need to comprehensively consider acid and alkali resistance, insulation, anti-static, cold resistance, waterproof, etc. Everybody can consider working condition synthetically when choosing labor to protect shoe, undertake choice again. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us at Kameymall.

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