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Do You Dare To Try These New Extreme Adventure Sports? (Chapter 1)

Jan, 11, 2022

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When it comes to extreme sports, is it bungee jumping or skydiving? So you're out of date. Some extreme sports travelers have moved to these crazy adventures that you may never have heard of. So Kameymall will introduce some new extreme sports that make your adrenaline soar!

Cool surfing

If you're tired of regular surfing activities, don't worry. Now gasoline-powered surfboards will allow you to reach 30 miles per hour without paddles. Advantages: unlike on a normal surfboard, your speed can stay away from any shark you encounter. Superfast speed is more exciting than any surfing you've ever played. Are you ready to feel your heart beating faster?

Skiing and cycling
If you've had a long day on the hillside and have had enough of your painful ski boots, you may wish you could ski and sit down. Now it's OK. Thank you for the emergence of ski bikes to meet our fantasies. These lightweight bicycles have no replaceable tires. You can take your short skis and slide down the mountain in comfort. Ski bikes are becoming more and more popular in many resorts (including Killington, winter parks, and steamboats), so you can rent one of your own this winter and add these adventures to your list.

Jet backpack
The future is now and the jetpack is real. Today's jetpack is equipped with a hydrodynamic system, which will tie two hoses and use the reaction force of water to push you into the air. You can lead your jet pack to a height of three feet.

Zorb ball
Have you ever heard of a water zorb ball? In a closed environment, drifting with the water makes you experience what stimulation means to the greatest extent.

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