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giant bubble zorb ball for humans

Do You Dare To Try These New Extreme Adventure Sports? (Chapter 2)

Jan, 11, 2022

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The above introduces some extreme sports including zorb ball. This article will continue to introduce them. If you are interested, you must continue to read!

inflatable ball zorb
Riding entertainment equipment

Do you dream of owning a personal flying submarine? If you have an extra $100000, you can make this dream a reality entertainment device. Not in the holiday budget? You can rent a lot of beach destinations (such as Cabo, San Lucas, Cancun, and Miami), so you can get enough understanding of what your life lacks. This personal ship simulates a whale, diving six feet, jumping out of the water, and a car at a speed of 50 miles.

Skater Surfers
You may have found skateboarding surfing on a cruise ship or in a water park, or just watch your own skateboarding defeat montage. Skateboarding surfing is basically fake surfing, standing waves in a small space. The waves don't move forward, so passengers can perform tricks and jump without a room or just desperately trying to stay upright, as for most people.

Ski slope bungee jumping
If you watch the Winter Olympics and think you might want to skip and jump for giants, the safest way to ride is to try skiing and bungee jumping. You will be tied to bungee jumping, use skiing to end a nearly 100-foot slope, and fall at 131 feet. Fortunately, you don't have to land your bike. Wild elastic ropes will take you to the snow.

Ice navigation
Real sailors don't want small ice to prevent them from going out of the sea. They simply call this situation ice sailing. Now it has become a sport, which is implied by its name. Specially designed sailboats use wind energy and sails, plus skating runners glide along the ice. Be sure to pack these ships quickly, the wind cold becomes very cold at 50 miles per hour. You can try it. New England, Estonia are everywhere.
The above is the new extreme adventure sports compiled by Kameymall. If you are interested in trying, you must consult more relevant materials to protect your own safety!

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