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The Function Of Safety Shoes

Dec, 11, 2021

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The industry standard (toe protection safety shoe ld50-94) is adopted. The lining of toe protection safety shoes is steel Baotou, which has static pressure resistance and impact resistance, stab resistance, and impact resistance.

Safety shoes are a kind of shoes with powerful functions. It is very necessary for safety shoes for women and men to wear. The following will introduce his role.


Anti smashing

 It is very safe. After inspection, the pressure resistance is 10kN, the impact resistance of the toe is 23kg, and the deformation gap in the shoes is > = 15mm after the impact hammer falls from 450mm height to impact the toe. It is mainly applicable to the safety of mines, machinery, and buildings, Leather shoes are used in heavy industries such as metallurgy, iron and steel, port hoisting, and so on to protect the safety of toes. They are supported by rubber and elastomer, comfortable to wear, and do not affect daily labor operation.

mens steel toe dress shoes

Puncture prevention
Protect the sole of the foot from sharp objects, and can withstand the puncture force of 1100n at most, which is a national special standard.


Anti-static leather shoes are produced according to GB4385-1995 standard, and the resistance range is 100k 'Ω - 1000m' Ω. The product has the functions of good air permeability, anti-static, wear-resistant, and anti-skid. It is mainly suitable for aviation, aerospace, and dangerous chemical industries to avoid flammable and explosive accidents caused by static electricity.


Oil resistance
According to the oil resistance standard test, the volume increase shall not be greater than 12%. If the volume is reduced without increasing, and the reduction is greater than 0.5% of the original volume or the hardness is increased by more than 10, it shall be flexed 40000 times and the crack growth shall not be greater than 7mm according to GB / T 3903.1.
Kameymall has various types of safety shoes, various styles, sports, and so on. If necessary, please be sure to buy a pair for your safety!

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