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The Gameplay Of Zorb Ball

Dec, 15, 2021

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They are usually divided into “grass zorb ball“ and “water zorb ball.“ The gameplay is the same, mainly depending on where your venue is. 2012 Wolong‘s play has also added a “snow zorb ball“, “desert zorb ball“, and “the slope zorb ball“ and so on.

Zorb ball venues are usually played on relatively flat grass, with a certain slope of vegetation, and a slope of about 30 degrees. When the ball rolls down the slope, the people in it will make a 365-degree spin. You can experience the unexpected fun of weightlessness and rotation. The reason why people play it is to pursue the feeling of heart speeding. The world‘s longest zorb course is located in New Zealand, with a total length of more than 700 meters, it takes one minute for a ball to roll from the top to the end. You can imagine a transparent and giant ball is rolling on green grass or on the slope under the blue sky and white cloud. The feeling of dizziness is absolutely exciting and fresh when you ride this ball.

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Types of zorb balls

There are 3 types of zorb balls in the world: fixed, floating, and free walking.

Fixed: riding the limbs and waist, were fixed on the seat belts inside the ball, then the body roll with the ball.

Floating: riding is not fixed in the ball, staff before you have goals of one or two barrels of water, and depth is about 70 cm. Riding floats on the water when the ball rolls to others.

Free walking: ride the same but is not fixed within the ball, when a person is walking on the inner ball, the ball is rolling. If the speed of the ball is the same, the body can always be kept straight in the ball. This is the most difficult one of three ways. Without acrobatics and multiple attempts, it will be hard to try it successfully.


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