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Recommend Fun Zorb Balls To Children

Apr, 14, 2022

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Every child has an "angel" living in their heart, a world full of innocent and beautiful fairy tales. Every child's childhood is full of fun and funky moments! Yes. It is in the nature of all people, adults and children alike, but adults have an adult life in an adult world, unlike children who can just focus on their own fun and games.

So today I would like to suggest a new game for children, zorb ball, a transparent double sphere filled with air between an outer sphere of 2.8 metres in diameter and an inner sphere of 2 metres in diameter, connected by thousands of tension rods. Some of the more popular ways of playing the game include the 'grass zorb ball' and the 'water walking ball'. Today, many games that involve the use of zorb balls are also known, such as bubble football.

zorb ball
How to play

It can be played in a variety of ways. To start with, we will introduce the most common and easiest way to play. Firstly, you have to find a suitable surface, usually grass, snow, hillside or water with a certain slope, usually inclined at around 30 degrees. Secondly, you get inside the zorb ball. Your partner or a member of staff helps you zip up and pushes you down when you are ready. You will then tumble down the slope with the ball, feeling the weightlessness and excitement. It's as simple as that.

Secondly, you can also experience what it's like to play football in a zorb ball, also known as bubble football. This game has a few differences from traditional football. You can grab the ball in any way you want as it has no penalty rules. As you are playing in a zorb ball. Therefore rushing tends to send you tumbling to the ground. It's fun. Let's try it together.


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