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Zorb Ball Is More Interesting Than Video Games

Apr, 14, 2022

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Do you often feel helpless and anxious because the children in your family devote a lot of time to games? It is true that more and more games are now attracting the attention of children, leading them to become addicted to mobile or computer games. Addiction to games does have many dangers. For example, it can make children neglect learning new things and physical exercise. It can also damage children's eyes, causing them to lose their eyesight. Moreover, children's lack of self-control may lead to irrational consumption of games.

In this regard, we must admit that it is the nature of every child to be playful, and we cannot prohibit their right to play, but we can appropriately guide them to experience some healthier ways of playing. Today, I would like to recommend a new game, zorb ball.

zorb ball
What is a zorb ball

A zorb ball is a transparent ball filled with air between an outer ball of 2.8 metres in diameter and an inner ball of 2 metres in diameter, connected by thousands of tension rods. The more common ways of playing are "grass zorbing" and "water zorbing". Today, "snow balling", "desert balling" and "hillside balling" are also becoming well known.

How to play

It can be played in a great variety of ways, but today I will only describe the most common and easiest way to play. Firstly, you must find a suitable field, usually grass, snow, hillside or water with a certain slope, usually inclined at about 30 degrees. Secondly, you get inside the zorb ball. Your partner or a member of staff helps you zip up and pushes you down when you are ready. You will then tumble down the slope with the ball, feeling the weightlessness and excitement. It's as simple as that.


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