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Cautions Before You Start Playing Zorb Ball

Feb, 10, 2022

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Zorbing is a high-intensity extreme activity, as you may have already known. Whatever type of zorbing-related activity you choose, you must be aware of the safety measures that apply to each of these zorb ball sports.

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Dry Zorbing is A Risky Activity Without Precautions

One of the most crucial things to ensure when going on this ride is that the harnesses are securely fastened to the zorb ball and that you are securely strapped in once inside. There have been instances where the harnesses were not correctly attached, resulting in catastrophic harm during the ride.

Aqua zorbing
Remove all jewellery before the ride, wear summer clothing/swimsuits, and the aggregate weight of all passengers should be under 180kg. You should be aware that the amount of air available inside the ball is restricted. Always read the manufacturer's specifications before purchasing one of these balls. If you stay inside the ball for more than five minutes, you risk depleting the air supply, which is dangerous. So, if you're going to do this, keep a check on your person at all times.

Choose a secure location
The slope, on the other hand, should be well-grassed. There should be no large bumps that force the ball to lift off the ground, as the contact could be dangerous. Also, there should be safety nets or special barriers all along the ride's edges to keep the ball from going off track.

Zorbing and related activities are completely safe and enjoyable as long as you apply common sense and follow those simple safety requirements. So now that you know how, you can do any of those extreme things for yourself!
These are some safety precautions for our customers so you can enjoy the game while being safe. Kameymall cares for the customer safety more than anything. Hence, our zorb balls are safest of them all.


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