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Shaping (Chapter 2)

Jan, 18, 2022

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In this article, Kameymall will introduce apple and pear-shaped perfect body shaping rules.


Pear-shaped perfect body shaping rules

The body features: the pear-shaped body is fat from the hip to the middle of the thigh, which is a typical oriental traditional female body. Plump hips look feminine, but once the hip and waist are out of proportion, it is easy to appear fat in the lower body and become an annoying body defect.


What should we do

Compared with other women, pear-shaped women can secrete more estrogen, so they can always stay young for a long time. Therefore, dieting is not necessary for pear-shaped women, because it will only lead to more stubborn fat in the body.
4inlook health experts point out that the best way is to establish a healthy diet concept of "four legs and one more": less frying, less oil soup, less fat meat, less sauce, more fruits and vegetables, and cereals. Avoid alcoholic drinks, which will hinder the burning of fat. Try not to eat late at night, which is the culprit of pear women's obesity.
Tip: in addition to following the diet rules, Li Xinjie will also adopt the body shaping method of combining plastic wrap with exercise on weekdays, that is, wrap plastic wrap around her waist, hips, and thighs when doing aerobic exercises such as rope skipping and running. After a sweat, you will find that the "pear shape" has shrunk!


Apple's perfect body shaping code
The body features: the abdomen and back of an apple-shaped woman are very strong. Once the upper body becomes fat, it is easy to appear bulky and not delicate, the waist is not obvious, the hips are flat, and the legs are slender.


What should we do
Apple-shaped women are often troubled by digestive system problems, so it is very beneficial to quit dairy products and eat more vegetables and fruits rich in plant fiber. Usually drink a lot of water to avoid obesity caused by diet. In this regard, Mo Wenwei is a master. She has almost no excess fat all over her body, and her muscles are tight and healthy.
In addition to not smoking or drinking, it is recommended to drink a cup of water with fruit vinegar or honey after getting up in the morning to promote metabolism and blood circulation. If you feel digestive problems are serious, you can also take some dietary fiber pills with high fiber content.
Tips: Apple women have around and curvy figures, but their upper body is slightly thick. It is recommended to choose simple style tops, abandon cumbersome decorative stacking, and avoid too many layers of collocation, which is easy to give people the feeling of fat. The color is also better than large printing patterns with bright or plain monochrome combinations. We can do exercise to shape our body through a zorb ball.

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