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Shaping (Chapter 1)

Jan, 18, 2022

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Shaping is to obtain the individual standard size through scientific calculation of human body data such as height, weight, age, and circumference, carry out targeted shaping plan, repair earthquake and correction, so as to make the individual appearance meet the standard and obtain visual external beauty. In this article, Kameymall will introduce you to more articles on shaping.


Shaping concept


What is aerobic shaping?
Aerobic shaping refers to making the body conform to the standard size through "fitness exercises, such as zorb ball, scientific therapy, diet conditioning,...".

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How to get the standard size of an individual?
The standard size of an individual can be calculated scientifically from human body data such as height, weight, age, and three-dimensional.
Different body shaping methods:


Asparagus perfect body shaping code

Body features: the chest, waist and hips are very narrow, like an underdeveloped little girl. Although he is thin and slim in clothes, he lacks the beauty of women's curves. Looking at his back is often misunderstood as a little boy. Once he gets fat, he is very easy to become a bucket shape.
As an asparagus woman, her unique skill for shaping her body for many years is to adhere to the pyramid food structure. The bottom is composed of whole wheat bread, cereals, rice and other carbohydrates, which is the most important part of the food structure; In the middle are high protein fish, nuts, vegetables and fruits; The spire is the least recommended for high-fat and high-calorie fat meat and desserts.

Asparagus body should also eat less and more meals, reduce or avoid caffeine intake as much as possible, and ensure the stability of basic metabolism, so that you can put your body in a high-speed running state.
Tip: if the figure is not curved and too thin, you can also make up for it in the hairstyle. It is better to have textured shawl curly hair or short curly hair to sort out the fluffy effect. Belt and waist chain are important ornaments. Colorful ornaments such as short bead chains, shawls, and wide-brimmed hats can produce multiple levels visually, making you more feminine.

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