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How Much Do You Know About Insulation Safety Shoes

Mar, 14, 2022

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When it comes to labor protection products, we may think of safety hats, seat belts and gloves first, while safety shoes and boots used to protect workers' feet are often ignored. However, in fact, when workers use tools, operate machines, carry materials, etc., their feet will contact heavy, hard, angular objects at any time, so that they will be smashed, stabbed or squeezed. Moreover, if the feet are not stable, the body will lose balance and change the normal working posture, which can cause accidents. Therefore, safety equipment to protect the feet is of Paramount importance.

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Special insulation safety shoes

Insulating shoes are a kind of safety shoes made of insulating materials. The scope of application of electrical insulation shoes, the standard clearly points out: resistance to the experimental voltage below 15KV electrical insulation shoes and cloth electrical insulation shoes, applied in the power frequency (50-60F) below 1000V operating environment, more than 15KV electrical test city electrical insulation rubber shoes, suitable for power frequency above 1000V operating environment. Shoes of electric insulation serve as the safety auxiliary appliance that is engaged in electric job, serve as manager of labor safety, should know this clearly. Often some managers with insufficient electrical knowledge mistakenly think 6KV insulated shoes or 5KV cloth insulated shoes, the application scope is 6KV or 5KV environment, this is very wrong.
To clearly understand: 6KV insulation shoes are only "auxiliary safety tools", can not rely on it as a means of safety. If it's an AC source, there's electricity running through the body. The amount of current passing through depends on the capacitance at the foot.


Buy safety shoes at right place
No matter whether it is harmful to human body, it is not allowed to do so. Auxiliary safety appliance means that it is insufficient to withstand the electric operating voltage, and in electrical operation, it is combined with basic safety appliance (such as insulating pad and insulating shoes). We recommend you to purchase safety shoes on Kameymall for best security ensurance.

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