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Play A Zorb Ball On The Zorb Track

Mar, 14, 2022

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Zorb ball looks like a large transparent ball. It is composed of an outer ball with a diameter of more than three meters and an inner ball with a diameter of more than two meters. The two balls are filled with air and connected by thousands of nylon ropes. People can enter the inner ball through the entrance. It one of the most exciting and extreme sport games in the world, this is exciting news for adventure lovers.

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Zorb ball and zorb track

The gentle slopes with 30 degrees are the perfect sites for playing a zorb ball. When the ball rolls down the slope, the people inside will rotate 720 degrees with the ball. They can experience the dual stimulation of weightlessness and rotation at the same time. You can’t imagine how exciting the process will be until you play a zorb ball like they do.

The world's longest zorb ball track is in New Zealand, with a total length of more than 700 meters. It takes one minute for the ball to roll from the top of the slope to the end. The riders in the ball will experience the feeling of spinning underneath the sky, how fresh and exciting an experience! And the white zord ball was used by Jackie Chan when he fell freely from a high mountain in the movie "Flying Eagle plan".


Zorb ball is safe
These magical balls have been entered into people's lives for long, and they are expected to be popular for a long time. Although there have been some unfortunate accidents in recent years (usually due to human error), these products have been fully used and them can be proved that they are safe. So you don't have to be worried about getting hurt when riding a zorb ball.


Where can you get a zorb ball
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