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How To Be A Zorb Football Master?

Jun, 25, 2022

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Knockerball or Bubble Soccer is a new game, so here are some tips to share with those who haven't played it or have only played it a few times. For some people, they just want to have fun. For others, winning is everything. We have some bubble ball tips that will not only make you have fun, but also make you more competitive!

walking ball zorb
Stay low during turbulence

Keeping your body grounded is the key to winning a 1-on-1 collision battle. Maintain a wide stance. When you are about to be hit, don't stand still. Keep your feet moving and your weight on the other side. Even if you are one of the smaller players, it doesn't mean you will be knocked down all the time. If you're smaller, take advantage of your low center of gravity. Keep the goal clear: Being a goalkeeper in bubble football is certainly not the most desirable position on the pitch and, for fun, we do not recommend that you always have a man standing directly in front of the goal. Try zorbing.

However, you should place a defender near the goal so that when the ball is close to the goal, you can place a defender in place of the goalkeeper. Attack the goalie: If the opposing goalkeeper is doing too well, try to get a teammate to knock him down before you can attack! This creates some interesting moves and gives you more chances to score. Keep your head clear: If you're close to the ball, you're a target. When you're in a bubble football, the view isn't always clear, so you'll want to keep your head spinning. When you have a football or are near it, stay low and be ready for someone to come out of nowhere and hit you. Get up :The key to ball control is getting up quickly when you get knocked down.

When two guys collide, a lot of times both guys fall down, leaving the ball wide open. Whoever gets on his feet faster has the ball and has a better chance of winning. Remember, it's always easier to stand up than to stand up!

Don't lean forward into others

If you lean forward, your head is exposed. If another player also leans forward, they will also expose their head, which can lead to a head-to-head collision. Even in a sport where you're surrounded by a giant bubble, injuries can still happen. Be smart and be careful! Try contacting us on Kameymall if you meet further difficulties.

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