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inflatable hamster zorb ball for humans

We Got Zorbing And Fun! Just Join Us

Jun, 25, 2022

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The experience of riding down the mountain is exciting and unique. Because the ball is usually transparent, the rider can see through the ball to the ground below throughout the ride. Given the unique movement of the ball as it slopes down the hill, the feeling of being in it is said to be almost indescribable, but akin to weightlessness.

And if the outer space boundary doesn't feel like enough, it's popular to add some water to the inside of the ball. This water rolling and moving along with the rider inside the ball adds a unique feel.

zorb ball in tennessee
Unique experience into the zorb ball playing

You've probably never heard of the word "zorbing." It is, after all, a rather outlandish concept. But there is no denying that it is fun and one of the most potential outdoor sports. The Zorb Ball is nothing more than rolling down a hill in a giant plastic hamster ball. Yes, a giant inflatable ball gets blown up and a person climbs in and pushes the ball down the hill.

How did this wacky sport come about in the first place

Decades ago, with the invention of the hamster ball, the first signs of the future sport seemed to appear. The invention was apparently designed to give hamsters a safe workout at home. However, humans, with their boundless creativity, decided to apply the invention to humans who wish to take downhill racing to the next level. Now zorbing has reached at least four continents and is considered a favorite pastime by millions of people. If you haven't tried it, you should!

So how are you gonna get out to Zorbing

You need a gentle slope. While flat ground is good for you, it's most fun on the slopes. (Now there are even Zorb Parks.) Of course you need a Zorb! There are many varieties and special types of Zorbs. Pick the one you find most interesting and go to Zorbing. Finally, if you decide to go for the aquatic version, you'll probably need water and a swimsuit.

The game is as flexible and creative as the brain that came up with it. Therefore, you should be smart about how you use zorb ball! Check out this article for more explanations and then dive into Zorb to find out why something so strange has become so popular! Quickly pick a zorb ball for yourself and share your playing experience with us on Kameymall!

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