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My Zorbing Diary With Girlfriend (Part 1)

Jun, 20, 2022

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Have you ever been in a relationship? If so, you must have been disliked by your own girlfriend as often as I was, because you were always unable to understand her thoughts and create a surprise or meet her expectations. It is true that there is a fundamental difference in thinking between guys and girls. For example, I focus more on practicality every time I pick a gift, while my girlfriend is more interested in looks and surprises. This problem really bothered me. Then I found a game that created a surprise for my girlfriend.

Would you like to create a surprise for your girlfriend? If you do, I suggest you continue reading this article. I will introduce you to an exciting, fresh game, zorbing, which I am sure will surprise your girlfriend. In fact, this is my real experience. I am sharing it with you now.

zorb ball
I have prepared a zorb ball

Did you see the picture on the cover? The zorb ball is made of PVC and is highly resistant to puncture and abrasion. At the same time, the gap between the two different sized transparent plastic balls that make up the zorb ball ensures that our bodies do not collide with the hard ground, keeping us safe. Moreover, the PVC material is very environmentally friendly and does not cause any harm to the body. I read about this on the internet and prepared a zorb ball and invited my girlfriend to play with me.

We started to experience zorbing

The zorb ball is inflatable, so my girlfriend was surprised when she witnessed the process of inflating it. A zorb ball is three metres high when it is full of air. We then went into the zorb ball, which was zipped up and we were pushed down the slope, tumbling and feeling the thrill and weightlessness all the way down. The zorbing was no less exciting than the roller coaster. So, where can I experience zorbing? If you have purchased your own zorb balls, you can find a grassy or snowy area with a certain slope. You can also go to some gravity parks if there is no such venue near your home. My girlfriend and I chose a grassy area as our playground.


If you want to experience zorbing with your girlfriend but don't want to queue up at a gravity park and only get to experience it for a while, then I would recommend you to come to Kameymall and buy a zorb ball. if you want to continue our story, please stay tuned for my next article.

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