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Mini Air Track Mats For Leapfrog Training (Part 2)

Jun, 20, 2022

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In the previous article we have already looked at some of the applications of the air track mat in the high jump and today we will continue with the rest of the training process.

In fact, the air track mat is a very good choice for schools. Firstly, it is easy to store, unlike traditional gymnastic mats which take up so much space. Secondly, it is more versatile. You can use it to train for various events in gym class, or you can use it as a life buoy - after all, it can hover over water. Okay, let's move on to how the mini air track is used to train in the high jump.

air track mat
Four people on four mats

As the lesson progresses, the teacher asks the students to form groups of two, add a small mat under each of the inverted "V" mats, which increases the height of the bar, and do the high jump in groups of four from the assist to the jump.

By doing the exercises in sequence, there is almost no waiting for practice, so the density of classroom practice is greatly increased. Compared to the problems of small groups, large numbers and long waiting times for practice due to the shortage of high jump equipment, this design is a good initiative.


Four people with multiple mats

In order to better implement tiered teaching, teachers are asked to fold the two small mats placed parallel to each other underneath the inverted "V" shaped gymnastics mat and place them underneath the inverted "V" shaped gymnastics mat that acts as a support bar, take the form of folding a gymnastics mat (multiple mats can be placed) and so on. The mats can be folded and placed underneath the inverted 'V' shaped mat that acts as a support for the bars. As a result, it is still possible to ensure that 4 students practice in groups of 1, which is a good learning and practising effect.


If you want to buy the mini air track, I think you should check out Kameymall, where you can customise your gymnastics mat to suit your size, which is highly recommended.

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