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Truths about Zorb Balls

Dec, 01, 2022

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Still don't know what a Zorb Ball is? Sure you do, if you've been on the internet for more than 5 minutes. Still, I'll explain. Zorb Balls are giant balls that you get inside and roll down hills at a rapid speed.


If you are looking for ways to roll away anxiety, boredom, and stress? You should grab a set of zorb balls. These balls are great for getting rid of any negative feelings or emotions. In the following article, I made an interesting and informative presentation of truths about Zorb Balls.


What is Zorb Ball

The ball consists of an air-filled PVC ball with about 3 meters in diameter, which also contains a plastic ball with a diameter of 2 meters inside the balloon. People get in from a well-shaped hole in the middle of the ball, which the hole also provides enough air for the people inside.


The wall of a zorbing ball is 5 cm thick with great resilience. When the mall collides with objects and rolls in uneven places, the thick air cushion will play a buffering role.


The hollow space in the center can fit 2 people in to play at the same time. People climb into the ball, and their hands and feet will be tied to the safety and solid belt. When players are experiencing 360 degrees of disorderly rotation on the slope, they could feel weightless and thrilled as if they were astronauts in space.


what is a zorb ball


How Zorb Ball Popular

From the New Zealand grass fields when it was first invented in the late 1990s, the rolling track of the zorbing has grown to encompass more than 20 countries and regions in the world, including Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Japan, and China.


Despite this, New Zealand still owns the longest zorb ball course in the world, making it the longest in the world. There is a field that is more than 700 meters long where the ball takes one minute to roll from the top of the slope to the end, and it's become the dream of zorbing lovers everywhere to ride on that field.


The balls now have spread all over the internet, and heaps of internet stores have set up tents selling them. You can easily find and buy a zorb ball online. So no need to worry about having nowhere to get it.


What Ordinary Classifications

This creative leisure way has been getting popular amongst kids, families, and youngsters. The earliest ways of getting fun with zorbing balls were to play either on the land or on the water. People select a massive and flat field, and play it with their friends and families, getting so much fun to get rid of boredom, laziness, and sickness.


  • Grass Zorb Ball


grass zorb ball


This type of zorb ball is also known as land zorb ball, which is one of the most common and sober types of zorbing. There is a type of zorbing known as dry zorbing, which is characterized by the lack of water or ice involved in such rides. The choice you make will depend on the type of ball that you are interested in: harness or non-harness.


When it comes to ground zorbing, it is best if you pick plain, flat, and massive ground where there will be no hurdles on your way to the end. In addition to making your ride super fun, it also helps to keep you safe. There is a choice to be made between riding a zorb downhill or riding a zorb on flat ground. It is up to you to make that decision.


Furthermore, they are available as a racing competition where you can compete against a fellow rider as well as other riders for an additional challenge to make it more fun and challenging.


  • Water Walking Ball


walk on water ball zorb


Also called a zorb water ball it is another common kind of ball that lets you walk, run, and roll over deep water surfaces while an inflated balloon filled with oxygen and carbon dioxide bounces you from one end to the other. Upon entering the Zorb Ball, you will start moving, walking, jumping, running, rolling, doing anything you want to do, and whatever you wanna do.


In addition to all that, it is absolutely forbidden to burn fire inside the massive zorb balls, no matter how intensely one wishes that they were allowed to do so.


The best location for water zorbing is a location like a pool or a lake, as it is the best outdoor activity. A bubble begins to float above the surface as soon as you enter. Taking part in the bouncing comes with the feels that make you laugh out loud when you are doing it. It's all about the mystical fun; you can roll from one end to the other.


What New-way Classifications

As previously explained, a typical zorbing ball consists of a water zorb ball and a water zorb ball. The great thing about it is that each of these types can be classified into even more varieties, which are serving as add-ons that enhance your overall experience.


  • Aqua Zorb Ball


aqua zorbing ball


There is a lot of similarity between aqua zorbing and water zorbing, which both offer the same fun and the same rules for playing.


There will be a time in which you will try to control friction by your own means by adding water to your bubble. The floating water, however, can make it even more challenging and exciting at the same time. Furthermore, it also requires some security measures to be put into place and is possible to do it in flat areas.


  • Snow Zorb Ball


zorb balls for sale


It does not matter how much snow is outside, people will still want to engage in recreational activities. It's also what makes you appear attractive if you belong to this category as others do. Basically, it is a similar kind of zorbing that is done on the ground, but in snowy environments.


There is no better option than a snow-zorbing ball if you want to skate in a safe manner. In this way, you can explore cool places in an exciting and adventurous manner. In the meantime, you are awaiting the snow and getting ready to have a great time. You should, however, keep in mind that snow zorbing is a very dangerous activity.


  • Zorb Soccer/Football


zorb ball soccer

In essence, it's a recreational activity derived from Zorbing. However, there is a difference between this sport and others in that this sport involves players holding a hamster ball that looks like a ball fitted to humans and playing football in it.


You are free to run with your legs, but your upper body parts and your head are practically covered by the inflated ball, which makes it difficult to run. There are two ways to play this sport: in an indoor sports hall, or on natural or artificial turf out in the open.


The Do's And Don'ts

Zorbing ball is another emerging hot sport besides rock climbing, and bungee jumping, but much safer and milder than any of them. Suitable for a variety of areas, such as water parks, ski resorts, sand skating courts, etc.


Although playing zorb balls will not bring too much discomfort to hearts, the 360-degree rotation still has certain requirements for the physical fitness of players.



  • Visitors suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, and weak physical condition should not participate in the yo-yo activities. Children under 1.50 meters in height, children less than 12 years old, and elderly people over 55 years old should also not participate. Weight should preferably not exceed 200 pounds. If two people ride together, the weight difference should not be too great.


  • Individual visitors may experience vertigo and headache after riding. It is recommended that after the rolling stops, players should stand still for a while.


  • Anything sharp and inappropriate should be taken off, such as keys, cell phones, glasses jewelry, to avoid cutting the ball or hurting your body in the tumbling.


  • Spring and autumn are good seasons to play. However, any rainy or windy days are not suitable, otherwise, the ball easily rolls out of the slide, causing danger.


buy a zorb ball


Purchase Now With No Hesitation

The zorb balls have a variety of features to choose from on our online store, Kameymall. These choices will depend on the user's individual preference. The best thing about zorb balls is the price and range of options available. Don’t wait and pick zorbing balls for sale with us!

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