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We Can Try Body Coordination Exercises On Air Track Mats

Apr, 16, 2022

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Coordination refers to the body's ability to perform movements quickly and accurately and to adapt to sudden changes in conditions, and is the basis of correct technique for athletes. It is important for track and field athletes to improve their coordination so that they can perform at their best during competition and achieve better results.

Supine leg raises and circles

However, coordination exercises cannot be performed without the air track mat, as most exercises require the use of the air track mat. Today we are going to share a few ways to improve coordination.

air track

Method: Lie flat on your back on a gymnastic mat, open your arms sideways and lift your feet slightly, keeping them together in one place, then rotate your feet around your upper body in a circle.


Requirements: Lie on your back and fix your body posture. If you find it difficult to turn in a circle, you can tilt your waist and raise your legs.


Supine left and right foot touching left and right hand movement

Method: The practitioner lies on his back on the gymnastic mat with his feet together, lifts the right foot to the left and touches the left hand, retracts it and then swings the other leg.

Requirements: Keep the body close to the floor, fix the body and keep the swinging leg straight.


Buy an air track mat

The air track mat is widely used in all kinds of training in life. It is more convenient than a traditional gymnastics mat. For example, it can be inflated. When you want to put the mat away, you can pump the air out of the air track mat. Of course, its most basic function is still to protect you from direct contact with hard surfaces. If you want to buy an air track mat, I recommend Kameymall, a reliable online shopping site.

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