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water hamster ball

The Gift Idea Of Birthday For Your Kids

Dec, 13, 2021

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So your kid’s birthday is coming up and you are thinking of planning a birthday party but are unsure what to do? Planning a child’s birthday party can be a stressful thing no matter what age your child is. Besides trying to keep your kid entertained, you also have to keep the group of friends entertained as well.

No matter if you want to hire a venue or organize a party at home by creating your own entertainment, you want to make sure that your child has a memorable birthday. Of course, you also want to get your money’s worth when it comes to planning for the birthday party. If you have run out of party ideas, well don’t worry. Here are several fun ideas that are currently the new popular party trends that you may be interested in.



The best way to describe zorbing is to imagine being in a huge inflatable ball like a hamster. The person inside the zorb ball will try to navigate himself/herself around. Zorbing can take place on dry ground or on a pool of water. On dry ground, the zorb ball will be rolled down the hill or a man-made ramp. It is a safe activity as the person inside the zorb ball is protected by the giant ball that is inflated with air. Zorbing can be done with one person or two inside the ball. This PVC ball is designed to bounce around and it is a thrilling activity that allows the rider to move or slide around the ball while rolling down the hill or ramp. Zorb parties are great if you want to keep a group of people entertained and occupied.

hamster ball for adults

Bubble soccer
Some of the activities that can be carried on dry land include body zorbing or bubble soccer. The upper body of the person is enclosed inside the zorb ball, leaving just the legs out. The players will be divided into two teams where they will try to find and kick the ball around. It is a super fun game with lots of rolling, sliding, bumping, or jumping.


Zorb racing
Another game that can be organized using zorb ball is zorb racing. There will be a track with zorb balls lining up on the starting line. The objective of this exhilarating game is to beat the competitors across the finish line. Once the Go signal is down, everyone will sprint down the track as fast as they could. It is hilarious watching the racers trip and fall while trying to reach the finishing line which adds to the fun.

Well, if you have decided on organizing a zorbing fun party, you can get your own zorb balls from Kameymall, a global online wholesale store that offers a wide range of affordable and high-quality outdoor products.

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