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Zorbing World Records (Charpter 2)

Dec, 13, 2021

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Before reading the article, I also never thought that there were so many interesting world records of zorbing. This article will continue to take everyone to learn more about it. If you also like articles like this, join the big family of Kameymall!


Fastest 100m zorbing

In March 2012, To improve cash for the Sports Relief charity, British cricket big-name Freddie Flintoff attempted an awe-inspiring "maximum file-breaking in a day" challenge. Although he did not reach breaking all of the data he attempted, he did set 14 new international data. These encompass the feats of maximum kisses in 30 seconds; On the TV display Loose Women, the quickest time of the pinnacle five, 20 blindfolds in 6. fifty-three seconds; using a cocktail bar to devour maximum of the peas in 38 seconds; the quickest time to drink warm chocolate - 5. forty-five seconds; and the quickest 100m zorbing run, which set an international file of 26. fifty-nine seconds. It seems lots like Jimmy Fallon racing within the zorb ball on The Tonight Show, simply extra severe and sporty.

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One ton car inside zorb ball rolling downhill
Although this has not yet been registered as an official world record, we feel the need to mention it here because it is fantastic. In a cool promotional stunt in 2014, Nissan made the world's largest inflatable toy with a Nissan Note Car inside. The car weighs about 2,400 pounds (1.09 tons) and is 163 inches (4.14 meters) long. Once the car was safely attached to a huge bill, they pushed it down the hill in an undisclosed location at a British military facility; Because I believe that a ton of cars in a huge ball that rolls freely on a slope is not something people can do anywhere they like.


Honorable mentions: zorbing across a whole sea
At another charity event for Sports Relief, adorable British TV presenter Lindsey Russell tried to drive her specially redesigned Zorb Ball across the Irish Sea. You can read about her exploits here and watch videos about her bold journey.

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