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How To Tell Different Kinds Of Zorb Balls?

Nov, 24, 2021

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If you are interested in adventure, you can continue to be nervous and excited during this process, then zorb ball is your best choice.

If you like rolling down the slopes, then you now have the opportunity to try zorbing. Drop down from a steep incline into a pool of water, while you are trapped in a bubble with a mind of its own. When you are experiencing an adrenaline rush like nothing you would have seen or known before, it means that your choice is right.


Water zorbing

Do you wan to walk on water too? Now, you can try to roll over. Go through a pool of water in a zorbing ball as you use your strength and balance to get you to the other end. Remember, balancing will play an important role in deciding if you see the horizon or are too busy tumbling on your back.

adult hamster ball

Land zorbing
Rushing down a grassy slope alone or with some important others while experiencing the most bumpy and exciting journey. This turbulence is not something everyone dares to try and you will need nerves of steel along with a very large heart to get through the few seconds it takes for this large inflatable zorbing ball to tumble down the slope of excitement.


Roller zorbing

This activity requires you to ask many partners for help so that you can solve the problem easily. Pedal, fall, push but move the zorb forward or you are going to be stuck mid-stream and without anything but your acumen to steer you to shore. This activity requires team work, strength and fitness, only in this way you can finish the whole process.


Bubble soccer

Have you ever tried to play football in a big bubble ball? Bubble soccer is nothing but inflatable zorbing soccer ball where you are put in a bubble and are pit against an opponent happy to knock you off when you try to score a goal. When you cross the court in your own way, your spontaneity, teamwork, decision-making ability, and of course your balance ability will be the ultimate test. Kameymall, your first choice of buying a zorb ball.

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