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Precautions For Swimming (Part Two)

Apr, 20, 2022

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Summer is here and it's sexy bikini season again. When we think of sexy bikinis, we all think of swimming. I am one of those people who really enjoys swimming. At first, I started swimming to lose weight. Then I slowly realised that going swimming in the summer is a very comfortable thing to do because it feels really good to immerse yourself completely in the water. There are also many unexpected benefits to swimming, for example, I feel very relaxed physically and emotionally after swimming, and I sleep better.

I'm sure there will be many ladies who would love to put on a sexy bikini for women and go swimming once summer arrives. However, there are a few dos and don'ts about swimming that you may need to know. In my last article, I have shared with you five dos and don'ts. Readers who are interested can check them out. Today, let's continue to learn more.

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Precautions for swimming

6. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and swimming. Long exposure to the sun can produce sun spots, or cause acute dermatitis, also known as sunburn. To prevent the occurrence of sun spots. After going ashore, it is best to use an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun, or to rest in a place with shade, or to use a towel to protect your skin, or to apply sunscreen on the exposed parts of your body.

7. Avoid swimming in unfamiliar waters. When swimming in natural waters, be sure to understand the situation around the water before entering the water.

8. Avoid swimming after strenuous exercise. Swimming immediately after strenuous exercise will add to the burden on the heart. A sharp drop in body temperature will weaken resistance and cause colds and laryngitis.

9. Avoid not to do preparatory activities that swimming. The water temperature is usually lower than the body temperature, so you must do preparatory activities before going into the water, otherwise it is easy to lead to discomfort.

10. Avoid swimming immediately after eating. It is advisable to rest for a few moments after swimming before eating, otherwise it will suddenly increase the burden on the stomach and intestines.


Although there are some precautions to take when swimming, it is true that swimming in summer is a real pleasure. I have already bought a few sexy bikinis at Kameymall. Let's experience the pleasure swimming brings us!

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