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Lingerie Tank Top Collocation Skills

Apr, 14, 2022

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Hot days is comming, many girls choose to wear their sexy tank tops with summer outfits hanging out, whereas many of them do not know how to do collocation of garment styles. After reading this article, you may know about it.

Royal Blue Tank Tops

Tank top and body shape


1.A dark v-neck vest with a full top or flowered women’s tank tops with a loose top will work for you as it will shrink your figure and distract the eye.
2.Upper girth flat flat chest girls generally thin shoulders, rich "bone sense of beauty ", shoulder vest is more suitable for flat chest girls. The position of the sling is close to the neck, the neckline is opened very high, and there are small wrinkles, highlighting the curve of the shoulder, let the chest have a certain fullness, if the skin tanned, wear it will be more healthy and energetic.
3.The waist thick waist is too thick girls more trouble, you might as well try the hem wide A-shaped vest or high waist plus A word shoulder line design, can slightly make the transfer of sight.
4.Shoulder wide girl is a good shelf to dress, but the strong line of the inverted triangle is hard to avoid the lack of femininity. Change the look with a high neck, wide shoulder straps, or a tank top that slightly wraps around where the arm meets the shoulder.
5.Thin, shoulder-skimming women, wearing a halter vest can visually give the illusion of wider shoulders, but also appear more energetic.


Tank tops and individual styles
1. Natural amorous feelings preferred knitted vest, it gives a person the impression of health, with loose pants appear relaxed and comfortable.
2. Romantic style can be made with Hawaiian style silk scarf or vest. Choose a large square with a bright pattern and fold it in half into a triangle. Pull the two top corners to the nape of your neck and tie a small knot. Tie the left and right corners to the back of your neck to create a chic neck strap vest.
3. Clever amorous feelings chooses small broken flower or small dot design to get ministry, shoulder to hit skirt or act the role of the small vest that has lotus edge, will make you more melting and lovely.
If you want to find more tank tops purcahsing or dressing suggestions, you can go to Kameymall for details.

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