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Techniques For Bubble Football (Part 1)

Jun, 29, 2022

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Everyone loves a quick game of football, but what if you wanted to add some more fun and fresh elements? A bubble football game is something you might consider. Players don big bubble-like jerseys and get ready for some more crazy antics than a standard kickball game. So, once you've got your bubble in, how do you keep your competitive edge and get the most out of the madness that follows? Here are some of our favourite tips for bouncing your opponents off the pitch while playing bubble football.

zorb ball

What is bubble football?

Think of your standard game of football, only each player wears a large protective bubble called a zorb ball. does this game sound simple? Yes, but once you're on the pitch, things get a bit more interesting. If you don't use your upper body you can easily get knocked off your feet and the bubble means you're soon bouncing around the pitch. In these crazy situations, it's easy to think that plays will fly out of the window as quickly as players fly around the pitch, but there are a few things to remember if you want to secure a win.

Ball control

Maintaining control of the ball is the ultimate challenge in bubble football. Even the simplest of tackles will have you rolling and bouncing in the opposite direction and your skills will be pushed to the limit. The real key here is to pay attention to many things at once. Not only do you have to keep the ball at your feet; not an easy task when your upper body is now a ball, but you also need to watch out for approaching players so you can dodge their rushes.

If you see someone coming at you at high speed, you'd better move quickly or pass the ball before you get knocked out of the way. Awareness of unmarked players is also vital. Both players can be tackled, so look for those standing aside to pounce on unmarked balls.


Don't be afraid to be aggressive

The wonderful thing about zoo football is that you can play safely against each other physically. Bubbles can protect you from all sorts of injuries.

A great winning strategy is not to be too shy when it comes to grabbing the ball. Take your chances, smash into your opponents as fast as you can and watch them fly off into the distance in complete safety. Trust me, they will do the same to you at every opportunity.

Weight is obviously a big advantage when going into attack, but that doesn't mean smaller players can't take people out - it just means you have to think a little more tactically. If you're attacking low in the offensive battle, take out someone's weight and be prepared to watch them roll, regardless of their size.


Do you want to experience bubble football, if you do you can come to Kameymall and buy bubble balls. If you want to continue learning how to improve your bubble football skills, stay tuned with us.


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