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Put Down Your Phones And Enjoy Zorb Balls

Apr, 14, 2022

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Playing on a mobile phone for too long has many harmful effects. For example, it can harm the quality of one's sleep. Nowadays, many people like to play with their mobile phones before going to bed, but the more they play with their phones, the more excited they become, which eventually leads to insomnia, which seriously affects their sleep quality and damages their health. This is because the act of playing with a mobile phone before bed can lead to the suppression of melanin secretion in the body, resulting in a loss of sleepiness, which naturally makes it difficult to fall asleep and causes insomnia. More importantly, it can be harmful to the health of the eyes. Long hours of playing with mobile phones can lead to a state of excessive fatigue in the eyes, and prolonged visual fatigue will lead to tearing and swelling of the eyes and other uncomfortable symptoms, and may even lead to insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the retina, directly affecting the functional health of the eyes and prompting the emergence of a variety of eye diseases, which may even lead to serious consequences of blindness.

Therefore, I recommend that we do more outdoor activities. zorb ball is a good choice.

zorb ball

The zorb ball is a fun and challenging game

The zorb ball is a transparent double-layered ball filled with air between an outer ball of 2.8 metres in diameter and an inner ball of 2 metres in diameter, connected by thousands of tension rods. It can be played in a variety of ways, with the most common and easiest being to tumble down a relatively high slope. Firstly, you must find a suitable surface, usually grass, snow, hillside or water with a slope of around 30 degrees. Secondly, you get inside the zorb ball. Your partner or a member of staff helps you zip up and pushes you down when you are ready.

Throughout the game you will be tumbling down the slope with the ball, feeling the weightlessness and excitement. That's what makes this game so challenging. After all, you haven't experienced the feeling of rolling down from a height before, and there are all sorts of worries and fears to overcome.


It's time to put the phone down to protect our eyes. xorb ball is an outdoor activity that can bring you more fun. If you want to buy a zorb ball, Kameymall is your best choice!

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