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I Like To Enjoy The Exciting Zorbing With My Family

Jun, 23, 2022

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I often like to go to travel and experience something bold to give myself an exciting and comfortable experience. Recently, I find an extreme sport that is popular among some countries and regions, people call it “zorbing”.

giant inflatable human hamster ball

What is the zorbing?

Zorbing is an activity in which a person is placed in a transparent sphere or "zorb" filled with water and rolled down a hill or flat ground.

The sphere has two layers. The outer layer is rigid, while the inner layer is flexible. Between the layers is water that acts as a shock absorber. As the zorbing rolls, the people inside move back and forth, but the zorb doesn't roll fast enough to produce noticeable tumbling or movement. Generally, a zorbing can accommodate up to three people.


Zorbing is very easy to store
Zorbing is an inflatable product, so it can be inflated and deflated if you use a blower. After deflating it, I can put it into the box, then put the box into my car. Thus, I can take my zorbing to many places to participate in various zorbing activities.


Zorbing make me excited
The zorbing starts slowly but accelerates quickly. With each turn, I moved a few feet inward, but it didn't have much effect. This movement gave me a wonderful feeling, I felt like I was inside a front-loading washing machine. A few minutes later, I reached the bottom of the mountain and walked out of the zorb, my heart is still speeding up.


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