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Summertime For The Nice Zorb Ball-Part2

Jun, 23, 2022

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Let's get to know the new game together today.

Although zorb ball has been developing in China for several years, it is relatively unfamiliar to some people who are trying to start a mobile book water park for the first time.

There are three main types of zorb balls, one is called "integral fixed type", one is called "free-floating type on water", and the other is called "free control type". Each of the three products has its own benefits. All can add capital to the mobile water park. We can choose our own water park.

zorbing ball in water

Product Maintenance

When playing, do not let children scribble on the device with hard objects to avoid damage.
If the equipment is damaged and the spare PVC material is coated with special glue, wait for the glue to not stick to the hand for 3-5 minutes, then glue it properly and squeeze it, and it can be used in a few minutes. If the temperature is below 20, it can be properly heated with a hair dryer when repairing, but the bond is stronger.



Individual tourists may experience dizziness and headache after riding. It is recommended that after the zorb sphere stops rolling, passengers should not get out of the sphere immediately, but should stop in the same place and be silent for two minutes. Take off shoes, and carry keys, mobile phones, glasses, and sharp accessories in a fixed bag inside the ball to avoid scratching the ball or hurting the body during tumbling. Like grass skiing, spring and autumn are good times to play bobo. However, it is greatly affected by the weather, and it is not suitable for rainy days and strong winds of level 4 and above, otherwise, the sphere will easily roll out of the slide, causing danger.


Where to buy

You can go to Kameymall to buy this zorb ball.

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