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Home news Product How To Play Zorb Balls (Part Two)
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How To Play Zorb Balls (Part Two)

May, 10, 2022

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In the previous article we have described the traditional and simplest way of playing the zorb ball. Before playing the zorb ball you need to choose a suitable field, usually a grass field with a certain slope, a hill, snow, etc., usually with a slope of about 30 degrees. Firstly, you should get into the zorb ball. Secondly, a member of staff or your friend will push the zorb ball down the slope. You will tumble down the slope with the zorb ball. During this process you will get a sense of satisfaction, excitement and weightlessness.

If you know anything about the zorb ball, you will know that it is not only suitable for slopes such as grass, snow and hills, but you can also have fun with the zorb ball on the water. So, how do you play the zorb ball in the water? That's what we're going to cover today.

zorb ball
Walking or running on water

If you've ever watched a Chinese movie or martial arts drama, you've often seen the protagonists of these dramas practising a set of martial arts to be able to walk or even run through water using their internal strength. Do you want to perform in the water like them? With the zorb ball you can do it, even if you can't swim.

The game is called Water Walking Ball and as the name suggests, you first need to get into the zorb ball, zip it up and then you can walk or run freely through the water. the zorb ball will carry you through the water and float.

A word of caution

If you choose to experience this game in outdoor waters, you should preferably choose a safe place, for example, you must not experience the water walking ball in the sea.

Shoes that you take off, keys, mobile phones, glasses and small sharp ornaments should be kept uniformly in a bag fixed inside the ball to avoid cutting the ball. If there is no bag inside the zorb ball, then do not bring it in. Do not choose clothing with zips either.

If you choose to experience the game on outdoor water, then you should preferably not choose a day that is too hot in the summer, rainy or with winds of more than force 4. However, if you choose indoor water, such as a swimming pool, you don't need to consider these issues.


If you want to buy a zorb ball for yourself, you can get a water walking ball in Kameymall.

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