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How To Play Zorb Balls (Part One)

May, 10, 2022

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Have you ever heard of the zorb ball? The first thing that comes to mind when you see the word 'ball' is football, basketball, volleyball or table tennis, but the zorb ball may be called 'ball', but it's nothing like these. In fact, the zorb ball is a giant three-metre high inflatable sphere, a bit like a super balloon. More specifically, the zorb ball is a giant sphere made up of two layers of giant clear plastic balls of different sizes.

Many customers who have never played this game before often wonder how to play with such a big balloon. Do you just fill it with air and let it fly through the sky like a kite? But can such a big zorb ball fly? Actually, this ball can be played differently from a kite. So, how should it be played? Today, we'll explain how to play it.

zorb ball
The easiest way to play

There are many ways to play the zorb ball, and one of the most popular is the easiest way to play it. Before playing the zorb ball, you need to choose a suitable field, usually a grassy area with a certain slope, a hill, snow, etc., usually with a slope of about 30 degrees. Firstly, you should get into the zorb ball. Secondly, a member of staff or your friend will push the zorb ball down the slope. You will tumble down the slope with the zorb ball. In the process you will get a sense of satisfaction, excitement and weightlessness. This game is not very physically demanding, but it gives you a thrill that is not below a roller coaster.


This ride is not suitable for visitors with heart disease, high blood pressure and weak physical condition, as well as older people over 55 years old. Participants should preferably weigh no more than 200 pounds.

Shoes, keys, mobile phones, glasses and small sharp objects should be kept in a bag inside the ball to avoid cutting the ball or injuring yourself during the tumble.

The following weather conditions are not suitable for this game: excessively hot weather, rain, wind over force 4.

Your chosen field should be free of sharp objects or obstacles that could puncture the zorb ball.


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