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Water Walking Ball Is So Relaxing

Apr, 22, 2022

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International Labour Day is coming up, what are your holiday plans? How about going swimming? Do you know how to swim?

Do you believe that people who do not know how to swim can play freely in the water without a life preserver? If you can't swim and want to experience water games, then I recommend you to experience the water walking ball, which is one of the ways to play the zorb ball.

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Introduction to the water walking ball

It is a water ball, also known as a water walking ball, which is an inflatable sphere made of transparent plastic, with which you can walk, run and even roll freely on water. It's unimaginable that people can actually run on water. You will probably see different sizes of water walking balls on the market. Usually, it is 2 metres (6 feet 7 inches) in diameter and has a zipped entrance for quick access.

It differs from a normal zorb ball in two main ways. The first is that the water walking ball consists of only one layer of plastic, whereas the zorb ball for use on slopes is made up of two different sized layers of plastic clear balls, with air filling the space between the two layers. The second main difference is the number of zips. The grass zorb ball or the hill zorb ball both have two zips, whereas the water walking ball has only one.


Are you a university student or a company employee? Do you find it stressful? Young people generally have a relatively high level of stress. If you are a young person furthering your studies at university, you are probably worried about passing your final exams, finishing your dissertation or even getting ahead in your studies and devoting a lot of time to trying to reach your goals for these worries. If you are already working, you may be worried about whether you will be able to support your family with your salary. Both share the characteristic of devoting most of your time to study or work. Water walking ball would be a great relaxation for you! The freshness of water walking ball will give you a pleasant mood and a happy feeling. Such relaxation can make you much more productive in your studies and work the following week.


Would you like to experience a water walking ball? Would you like to try walking or running on water? Then get yourself a water walking ball. You can come to Kameymall to find a reliable zorb ball.

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