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Zorb Ball Is Another Sport Project

Apr, 22, 2022

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When it comes to zorb ball, what will you think of? It is a slightly strange concept of which most people haven't heard, in that people strap themselves into a transparent ball, then ride down a hill, walk on water, or even play games with others on flatter ground.

When was the first zorb ball born?

The initial zorb ball was born in New Zealand in 1994, however, it took a decade or two to spread across the world. Now, you’ll find zorb ball experiences in many countries around the world. If you want to experience the longest “zorb journey”, come to New Zealand to make you dream come true as there is a zorb track which is about 700 meters long.

Zorb Ball allows 1 or 2 people to enter at the same time. So, you can take part in this exciting game as long as you have a healthy body. Of course, generally speaking, people between the ages of 12 and 55 are allowed to play this game.


Zorb ball is a hot project
In addition to rock climbing, bungee jumping, and skydiving, zorb ball is also a very popular sport. And it is very common to see such sports equipment in various tourist attractions, water parks, ski resorts, sand skiing fields, amusement parks.


A few useful tips
Site requirements: the ground shall be flat, spikes shall be removed, the inclination angle shall be less than 8 degrees, and rope nets can be used to fix both sides of the track.


Buy your family a zorb ball
Zorb ball is designed for both individuals and groups, so buy a zorb ball and pass the free time with your family. Come to Kameymall and choose a zorb ball with exquisite design.


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