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Tips to Make Your Work Safety Shoes Last Longer

Dec, 09, 2022

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Wearing the right shoes at work is not only important for your safety but also your comfort. If you are required to wear safety work shoes, then you know how important it is to find a pair that fits well and is comfortable to wear for long hours.


But once you find the perfect pair of safety shoes, you want to make sure that they last as long as possible. Most people don’t realize that there are certain things you can do to prolong the life of your work safety shoes.


work safety shoes

Why Maintenance Is Important

Work safety shoes are commonly-used personal protective equipment. They are functional and can protect your feet from injuries, such as punctures, cuts, smashes, and burns. Even though most safety shoes are designed to last for years, improper cleansing and maintenance methods will shorten their service lives.


In fact, a pair of safety shoes can be distinguished from one that is worn out by cleaning and maintaining them properly. Keep reading for our top tips on how to make your keen safety toe work shoes last longer!


Cleanliness Tips

What is the best way for you to clean your safety shoes? A safety shoe that uses innovative materials and technology ensures that the worker's performance will be high as well as the level of safety they need.


The downside of not cleaning safety shoes is that they may deteriorate prematurely by allowing the worker to have to replace them sooner than they had initially planned, as a result.


The moment we are about to put the shoes in the sink, we will have a mess of confusion in our heads. For this purpose, we have compiled guides to clarify any doubts you may have and help you to have your shoes be the most comfortable composite safety shoes in the long run.


Regular Cleaning

In most workplaces, it is very easy for safety shoes to get dirty as a result of the work we do. And it is unlikely if we just leave them without cleansing.


For example, leaving stains on the upper or sole, such as chemical stains, oil stains, mud spots, etc. can cause the material to erode more or less, which, in the end, results in a poor protection effect.


In some cases, however, some people might make the mistake of thinking the shoes should be put in a machine for washing, such as a dishwasher, washing machine, or dryer, as hand washing is very gentle and cannot thoroughly clean the shoes.


lightweight composite safety shoes


To be honest, all of these machines cannot be used in any way, so the answer is no. The first reason is out of a concern for hygiene and the second reason is that a dishwasher, a washing machine, and a dryer all operate with an overpowering system of functionalities, which brings spoils to shoes.


Particularly, the centrifugal force generated by the washing machine could cause serious damage to the shoes, causing cracks or cuts, for instance, with repeat washing.


It is generally recommended that safety shoes should be CLEANED BY HAND, which is the best way to do it. This is a natural and mild method of cleaning the shoes that can also protect the material of the shoes at the same time.


Cleansing Tools

The safety shoes that are used in industries come in a variety of types, such as safety shoes with composite toe cap. More importantly, there are different cleaning systems for different kinds of materials like nubuck leather or suede leather, synthetic leather, and so on.


Depending on the material used in the construction of the safety boots, the cleansing method varies from style to style. So, if the upper is different, then the proper way you clean them should also change based on this. When it comes to leather uppers or suede microfibre uppers, for instance, the methods may differ.


  • Leather upper

non slippery safety shoes toe cap

There are many types of safety shoes, but leather safety shoes are one of the most common ones. A leather may differ in its texture depending on if it is nubuck or suede, or if it is a pull-up leather or full-grain leather.


You must ensure that your safety shoes are very dry before cleaning them, and then use a shoe brush to remove as much dirt as you can from your safety shoes. Then you can rub the leather with a soft and clean cloth until all the dirt has been removed from it.


What’s more, for those working in wet environments, REGULAR LUBRICATION of your safety shoes is a good idea, especially during the winter months.


  • Suede upper

best cheapest working safety shoes


The difference between suede and ordinary leather is that suede has a napped finish, which gives a bit different look and touch than the ordinary one, thus a bit more delicate to clean with more patience and attention required.


For this particular reason, it is recommended that only brushes with rubber bristles that are not too stiff should be used in this case. When it comes to stubborn stains, it is highly recommended that you use an eraser to remove these stains.


However, in some cases, it may be necessary to use a few drops of vinegar on the stain and rub it gently with a sponge cloth if it is persistent to keep the cleanliness of such best safety work shoes.


  • Synthetic upper

protective cheap safety boots

The characteristics of synthetic materials are known to be light in weight, strong in strength, and able to withstand wear and tear. Safety shoes can be treated in a way that will remove dirt and stains without requiring a lot of time and effort on your part.


To remove excess dirt from safety shoes with synthetic uppers, simply use mild soap and cold water in conjunction with a soft cloth or a brush with bristles that are not too stiff or a soft microfiber cloth to scrub the shoes clean.


Upon cleaning your clothing, you should allow it to air dry away from heat sources (do not expose it to the sun).


Please note: When you soak the material repeatedly in water, the upper part will dry out and crack, and the sole compound will begin to crumble as well. So remember to keep an eye on the amount of water that you use when you are cleaning your shoes.


Storage Tips

You should keep your safety shoes in a cool, dry place if you want them to remain at their best for a long time. A temperature of no more than 25°C and a humidity level of no more than 70% is the ideal conditions.


safety shoes for work

The following instructions should also be followed other than the previous ones:


  • Solvents should not be used. If those chemicals are exposed to the protective films on your shoes, they may be at risk of being damaged or deteriorated.


  • Shoes should be dried by air. If you do not do this, then you will cause cracks to appear on the surface.


  • Avoid direct sunlight. In particular, leather shoes should be kept greasy at all times, since the leather is so delicate and it is not a good idea for them to dry out.


  • Make sure you check your shoes on a regular basis. As a precaution against slipping on slippery surfaces, it is very important to keep your safety shoes clean and free from mud, dirt, and pebbles.


  • As a preventative measure, open the loops and undo the laces when not in use in order to prevent dirt from settling in these areas.


Last But Not Least

In the course of cleaning the shoes, it is also a good idea to check if there are any seams, cuts, tears, cracks, holes, exposed toecaps, loose soles, or other damage to the shoes. When this is the case, it is necessary for the shoes to be REPLACED IMMEDIATELY.


Keep your mind open and don't let anything be left to chance. There is a possibility that defective shoes may pose huge hazards and risks to your safety, and even to your life.


safety composite toe shoes


The End

As long as you take these precautions daily, you can avoid wearing out your safety shoes before they are due.


Your work safety shoes are one of your best partners at work. Good and useful maintenance techniques will help you extend their life span, and keep you from getting harmed or injured.


Those cleansing and maintenance tips that we list above aim to make your work safe and comfortable with a pair of well-chosen safety shoes. We believe that by following these tips and you will have the best lightweight safety shoes around.

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