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Losing Weight By Zorbing

Dec, 11, 2021

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When it comes to ways to lose weight, what kinds can you think of? yoga? run? These are common ways to lose weight. Today I will introduce some special ways to lose weight.


Zorb ball

What is a zorb ball? This is a huge bubble ball. It is divided into two layers, and the space between the two layers is filled with air. The inner cavity is 1.5m. Because the ball is equipped with a safety belt, men fixed on the inner layer of the ball can play singles or doubles safely. Zorb ball games ground is divided into the artificial slope and natural slope.

human bounce ball

Sit in meditation
Meditation is a health and fitness method. Sit with your eyes closed and knees crossed, adjust the breath in and out, put your hands in a certain position, and don't think of anything. Meditation is also called "meditation" and "meditation". In Buddhism, it is called "meditation" or "meditation", which is a compulsory requirement of Zen Buddhism. Sitting is divided into the natural plate, double plate, and single plate. Meditation can not only nourish the body and prolong life, but also open up wisdom and wisdom. In the cultivation of Chinese Wushu, meditation is also a way to cultivate internal skills, cultivate the mind and enhance mental strength. Meditation is characterized by "stillness" and "calmness for a long time, and fatigue for a long time". Therefore, after meditation, exercise your muscles and bones, such as boxing, sword dancing, shuttlecock kicking, self-massage, and so on.


Tai Chi
Taijiquan, a national intangible cultural heritage, is a kind of internal and external cultivation, soft, slow, and harmonious combination formed by taking Taiji and yin-yang dialectical concept in Chinese traditional Confucian and Taoist philosophy as the core idea, integrating various functions such as taking good care of temperament, strengthening the body and fighting and confrontation, combined with the changes of Yin-Yang and five elements in Yi ology, TCM Meridian theory, ancient guidance, and tuina Light and flexible Chinese traditional boxing.

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