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Add A Zorb Ball To Your Shopping Cart

Dec, 13, 2021

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If you are planning to fill your shopping cart with many exquisite products, a zorb ball almost certainly has a place on that cart. You may have never heard a phrase called “zorb ball”, what is it? Can you imagine that people strap themselves into a transparent ball, then ride down a hill, walk on water, or even play games with others on flatter ground? Does it sound incredible? Why do you choose it?


Zorbing is good for human bodies

Zorbing is good for people’s heart and lung function. When the sphere rotates, people need to overcome the force of gravity constantly, causing the body is of weightless at any time. This short period of time when people resist the effects of gravity on their health is of great benefit to the heart and respiratory system.

Apart from the pregnant women, the heart disease, the high blood pressure among the elderly, basically, everyone can experience the stimulation under the guidance of the staff.

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How to play a zorb ball
You are getting ready for rolling down at the top of the hill, the staff will put the zorb ball in place and give you some advice, and then they’ll help you inside. They may give you a GoPro to record the experience. After everything has been prepared, then they will zip up the door and the ball down the hill.

In general, the zorb ball will start rolling down the hill, accelerating as it goes. On your first ride down, just experience it. The second time, you can try a new away — just like some people want to make it down the hill standing up the whole way — which is almost impossible!


Check your shopping cart
Once you’ve gotten the zorb ball that you like, then you can add it to your shopping cart and place an order. Browse through our fabulous inventory - Kameymall, which provides a number of kinds of these balls, and the price is usually between 300 and 800 $. We hope you will have a nice shopping experience here.

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