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You Can Breathe In Zorb Balls

May, 10, 2022

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Have you ever seen a huge balloon three metres high? You probably think I'm kidding you, because how can there be a balloon that big? If a balloon is that big, a person can get in it. Haha, you guessed it. This big three metre high balloon really is designed to hold people. It is the zorb ball.

zorb ball

What is the zorb ball?

The original the zorb ball was a huge three-metre high inflatable sphere, a bit like a super balloon. In more detail, the zorb ball is a giant sphere made up of two layers of giant transparent plastic balls of different sizes. This three metre high zorb ball was designed to be played in the traditional way of tumbling down a ramp, and it can accommodate two people playing the game together at the same time.
Although the size of the zorb ball has been in demand as new games have been created - after all, different games require different equipment - the three metre high zorb ball is still one of the most interesting.


A worry

Many people are worried about how long they will be able to stay in the zorb ball. In other words, they want to know how long the oxygen in the zorb ball can sustain them. If they stay too long, they may have trouble breathing because of the build-up of carbon dioxide in the zorb ball. Today, we are going to answer this question.


How long can we stay in the zorb ball?

According to experiments, the oxygen in the zorb ball can support our breathing for about 15 minutes. If you stay in the zorb ball for more than 15 minutes, then you may face the situation described above.
However, I would like to say that you can use it without worrying because most of the ways to play the zorb ball do not require you to stay in it for more than 15 minutes. For example, if you are rolling down a slope with the zorb ball, the whole process usually only lasts 1-3 minutes. If you are experiencing a game such as Bubble Soccer, your head is exposed outside the zorb ball.

Don't worry about the oxygen supply to the zorb ball, you can play without worrying. If you want to buy the zorb ball, Kameymall is a reliable supplier.

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