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Men's Gymnastics Events (Chapter 1)

Jan, 10, 2022

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Men's competitive gymnastics includes floor exercise, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bar, and horizontal bar. In this article, Kameymall will introduce you one by one.

Floor exercise

The length and width of the field are 12 meters. The complete set of floor exercises is mainly composed of skill movements. They are connected and combined with other gymnastics movements, such as strength and balance, soft movements, truth, and dance, so as to form a whole with harmonious rhythm and rhythm. A set of movements should make full use of the whole field (12m) × 12m) and be completed in 50 ~ 70 seconds. Floor exercises have strict requirements for skill strings and static movements. They are required to have forward skill strings and backward skill strings. Static movements are required to be difficult. There is no soundtrack in the men's floor exercise during the competition.

Pommel horse
1.05M high, ring height 12cm. The pommel horse is to complete different full rotation and swing movements in all parts of the horse with different support methods, which is the basic characteristic of a set of movements in pommel horse events. When doing full rotation, it is mainly combined leg full rotation. It is allowed to add or not add rotation through the handstand. The actions of different structural groups must be completed in full swing without pause. No force action is allowed in this project.

Lifting ring
The ring height is 2.55m. A set of lifting ring actions shall be composed of swing and force static actions with roughly equal proportion. These actions and connections are completed through suspension, through or into support, through or into a handstand, mainly through the straight arm. The transition from swing to static force or from static force to swing is a remarkable feature of contemporary gymnastics. When doing static movements, the ring is required to be static and there can be no large swing. The lifting ring requires a hand handstand completed by forwarding swing and a hand handstand completed by backward swing with certain difficulty, and also requires a force static action with difficult requirements. Practicing gymnastics is very dangerous, so it is important to prepare an air track.

air track gymnastics mats

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