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Exciting Zorb Ball Games

Dec, 09, 2021

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The last article mentioned three less dangerous extreme sports, Bobo ball and rock climbing. These two are extremely easy to use and less likely to be injured, especially zorb ball. Because of its special PVC and TPU materials, it can protect you very well.

There is no need to worry about playing. If you still want to try more exciting sports, I will continue to recommend them to you.

giant inflatable ball for humans


Zorbing is a fashionable extreme sport popular all over the world. It takes the environment of daily life (mostly cities) as the sports place and relies on its own physical fitness to quickly, effectively and reliably control the sports art of any known and unknown environment. It is also a philosophy to explore human potential and stimulate the limits of body and mind.
Parkour can not only strengthen the physique, but also make itself more agile and responsive. A professional Parkour trainer can correctly control the danger and minimize it. When he falls into the danger of fire, earthquake, attack, car accident, emergency and so on, his escape probability will be more than 20 times higher than that of ordinary people.


Bungee jumping
Bungee jumping, also known as machine rope jumping and stupid pig jumping in vernacular, is a very exciting outdoor leisure activity in recent years. Jumpers stand on bridges, tower tops, tall buildings, cranes and even hot-air balloons more than 40 meters (equivalent to 10 floors), tie a long rubber strip fixed at one end to their ankles, then stretch out their arms, put their legs together, and jump head down.
The rubber band tied to the jumper's ankle is long enough for the jumper to enjoy a "free fall" in the air for a few seconds. When the human body falls at a certain distance from the ground, the rubber rope is pulled open and tightened to prevent the human body from falling. When it reaches the lowest point, the rubber bounces up again, the human is pulled up, and then falls again. This is the whole process of bungee jumping until the elasticity of the rubber rope disappears.

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