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Something Important About Zorb Ball

Nov, 24, 2021

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First, someone may ask a question like this: what is a zorb ball, exactly? In fact, this ball is a giant, transparent, and inflatable circle that you can get inside and use to ride down a hill, walk on water, or even play games with others on flat ground.

If you’re in an area with mostly flat land, some zorb ball courses may even build a smaller, rollercoaster-like track for you to ride down.


The structure of the zorb ball

It has one or two openings, so that you can get inside and out of this ball (it also helps make sure there are enough air for you when you are in it.) A zorb ball, in fact, consists of two separate balls, a larger outer one and a smaller inner one. There’s roughly 60cm between the two balls, which helps to act as a kind of shock absorption for riders.

These two balls are held together by lots of smaller pieces of rope, which helps the balls to run.

giant inflatable ball for humans

There are many ways to play it
Perhaps one of the main reasons that the zorb ball trend is showing no signs of slowing down is because there are so many different ways to play it.

You can use a zorb ball to walk on the surface of a lake or the ocean, finally making your dream of walking on water come true. You can also pour a good amount of water into the ball, and see how long you’re able to stand up and walk without slipping and sliding around ( generally speaking, it is difficult for you to hold on for a long time).


What impacts speed?
If you have a need for speed, then you’ll certainly love everything about zorb ball. It’s important to know that your ball doesn’t ever go fast enough to become airborne, but you can still certainly expect to encounter a good amount of bouncing as you ride.

If you’re very interested in going as fast as possible, please carefully check the hillside you are about to roll down. Your weight also impacts the speed of the zorb ball, and if you wear a harness while riding this ball, you’ll also be able to pick up a bit more speed.


How much is a zorb ball?
No matter what you need, we will try our best to meet your needs. Browse through our fabulous inventory, and get ready for an event you’ll never be able to forget. Kameymall is a great website, which provides a number of types of these balls, and the price is usually between 300 and 800 $. If you want to get one, welcome to visit our mall!

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