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a giant zorb ball for people

Summertime For The Nice Zorb Ball-Part3

Jun, 23, 2022

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Let's get to know the new game together today.

Fun games, a brand-new fun team-building activity integrating competition, entertainment, and fitness, is an extension of ordinary games, taking into account the fun and team nature of the event. This kind of sports meeting can stimulate the spirit of teamwork, dare to fight, and always strive for the first among employees, enjoy the happiness in the game, and get the harvest in the happiness. Try zorbing.

Common zorb balls are fixed, floating, and free-walking. The fixed zorb ball adopts a double-layer structure. When in use, the four limbs and waist of the tourists are fixed on the safety belt in the ball, and the hand should also firmly grasp the handle to maintain stability; when the ball rolls down the slope, People will roll with the ball and can rotate 720 degrees.

inflatable hamster balls


Promote communication between employees and enhance feelings through activity experience.
Enhance team integration and team cohesion and build a sense of belonging.
Enhance team awareness, strengthen team cooperation, and cultivate team spirit.
Stimulate the enthusiasm of the team and add fuel to future work.

Although zorb is a new extreme sport, it is definitely the safest of all extreme sports. The outer ball with a diameter of 3 meters and the inner ball with an inner diameter of 1.8 meters are filled with air, which can provide two people to play at the same time. The hands and feet in the ball will be tied with seat belts, although you can start to experience 360-degree rotation and experience the feeling of weightlessness.


Current problem

In order to solve the problems of poor experience and limited application range of the above-mentioned zorb ball, the present invention proposes a novel zorb ball to meet the needs of tourists.

Where to buy

You can go to Kameymall to buy this zorb ball.


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