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nice amazing zorb ball to play

Buy A Fabulous Zorb Ball-Part3

Jun, 25, 2022

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Zorb sports integrate amusement and fitness, allowing tourists to get close to the fun of water sports at zero distance, and at the same time, it can exercise physical coordination and balance ability.

Try zorbing. At present, it has set off a boom in major cities across the country, and the market potential is huge! The water walking ball is a large transparent balloon. People are placed in its "belly", which can run and jump freely and can also turn somersaults. The walking ball is popular with adults and children alike. When tourists enter the ball, the staff uses a blower to inflate it, just like blowing a balloon. After the balloon is full, the staff zips the zipper and pushes the water polo into the water, and the water polo will automatically float on the water. The people inside can move freely whether they are running or jumping.

large hamster balls for humans


Safety: Open hollow tubular structure design, air circulation, no need to worry about time limit when exercising; 3 independent air chambers make the airbag safer when rolling in water; circular covers at both ends can effectively prevent tourists from Slides into the water when the drum is tilted and features a drawcord at one end to control the distance the drum travels.

The double-layer inflatable structure design makes the cylinder more uniform and has a certain hardness so that visitors can easily move in the cylinder.

Fitness: When people walk in a transparent drum, they consume a lot of calories because they need to overcome the resistance of the water so that people can shape a healthy body in a relaxed and happy exercise.

Environmental protection: The product is made of bulletproof high-strength polymer elastomer material (TPU), which has the characteristics of anti-aging, tensile strength, and is not easy to break; tourists can fully experience the fun brought by fashionable amusements and experience the infinite charm of water sports!


Where to buy

You can go to Kameymall to buy this zorb ball.

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