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Some Relaxing Extreme Sports ( Chapter 1)

Jan, 02, 2022

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Extreme sports is a highly difficult ornamental sports that evolved from a number of shaping sports and various actions in games, life and work, and the participants are mainly young people. In the process of human integration with nature, with the help of modern high-tech means, it is an entertainment sports to give full play to their physical and mental potential and challenge themselves. It is adventurous and exciting. In addition to pursuing the spirit of "higher, faster and stronger" for competitive sports to surpass their own physiological limits, it also emphasizes the spirit of participation, entertainment and courage, and pursues the sense of pleasure and achievement obtained when crossing psychological obstacles. At the same time, it also reflects the good wishes of human beings to return to nature, return to nature and protect the environment, Therefore, it has been praised as "future sports" all over the world. Kameymall hopes all the people who want to experience the exciting of extreme sports can protect yourselves!


Parkour is a fashionable extreme sport that is popular all over the world. It takes the environment of daily life (mostly cities) as the sports place and relies on its own physical fitness to quickly, effectively and reliably control the sports art of any known and unknown environment. It is also a philosophy to explore human potential and stimulate the limits of body and mind.
Parkour can not only strengthen the physique, but also make itself more agile and responsive. A professional Parkour trainer can correctly control the danger and minimize it. When he falls into the danger of fire, earthquake, attack, car accident, emergency and so on, his escape probability will be more than 20 times higher than that of ordinary people.

Zorb ball
Zorb ball is an extremely easy extreme sport. It's not dangerous, but it's very exciting. When many people exercise, you can experience the pleasure similar to bumper car. But it's more fun and safer than bumper cars.

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