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Zorbing, The Real Story (Charpter 1)

Dec, 09, 2021

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In recent years, zorbing has quickly become popular around the world. Many people take these huge inflatable balls, called Zorbs, to roll downhill or use them in lakes, swimming pools, or at sea in zorb waters.

Today, this activity, which began as a leisure activity, is considered an extreme sport. Some have even set an official world record by trying to reach ever-increasing speeds on the zorb ball. But when and where did this craze start?

These similar shapes date back to the 1980s when the Dangerous Sports Club (a group of adventurers and extreme sports enthusiasts) built a giant ball with two recliners inside. Although the concept was similar to the Zorbing-Ball, the design is quite different from modern plastic balls.

water hamster ball

French Inventor Gilles Ebersole

However, even before that, a French inventor named Gilles Ebersolt appeared to be studying the first prototype of today's Zorbing balls. The earliest concept of what he called "Ballule" ("bubble" in French) dates back to 1975 when 17-year-old Gilles proposed the design of the first off-road bicycle. This concept later became the first Ballule in 1977, and the first large plastic ball was completed in the memorable "Agre a Grez" on June 18th. The pressure inside the large ball is kept constant by two upside-down vacuum cleaners. This was what the first giant plastic hamster ball looked like.


If you want to learn more about the story of zorbing. You can continue to read the next article, which will tell you the story in detail. One more thing, don’t forget to click the website of Kameymall to buy the zorb ball.

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